In collaboration with Duarte Unified School District and Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, Allegra Consulting is educating middle and high school students on tobacco control and how they can make their communities healthier for all.

The youth vaping epidemic is a serious issue that affects a large portion of teens in LA County. If they do not smoke themselves, it is likely that they are acquainted with someone who does. According to the CDC’s National Youth Tobacco Survey, 1 in 5 high school students and 1 in 20 middle school students reported vaping in November 2020.

In Los Angeles County, 1 in 10 high school students currently use vaping devices and 30% have tried vaping at least once. There are extremely harmful and addictive chemicals, like nicotine, in vaping devices which damage the parts of the brain that control attention, learning, mood, and impulse control. When consumed at a young age, vaping can cause permanent damage to teens’ brains and lungs. Yet Big Tobacco continues to target youth with attractive designs, fun flavors, and easily disguisable vaping devices without mentioning the health risks that harm their future.

Allegra Consulting is educating middle school and high school students on these health risks of vaping and empowering youth to choose their life, dreams, and future over vaping. Allegra’s vision board activity, called Share Your Future Self, encourages youth to focus on what they want to accomplish by gathering images representing their goals and creating a vision board to remind them of those goals when obstacles like vaping try to get in the way. We want youth to be motivated to reach their goals, and remind them that vaping causes long term damage to their health, which could cost them the dreams they work so hard to achieve.

According to Truth Initiative, the number one concern that causes teens to decide to quit vaping is the impact on their health. Allegra Consulting has provided education presentations to the students of Duarte High School, La Puente High School, and Sparks Middle School, informing youth about how vaping impacts their health, their future, and the wellbeing of their community. By giving students the facts about vaping, support, and resources to quit, and a vision board activity to help them focus on their goals, Allegra is taking action against the youth vaping epidemic. But teens also need places to live and gather that have smoke-free policies.

When it comes to multi-unit housing, one person’s cigarette or vape smoke can affect the health of anyone in the building. Any level of exposure to secondhand smoke harms your lungs, which is why passing tobacco-free policies in multi-unit housing is the only way to ensure the health and safety of all residents. Allegra Consulting’s collaboration with DUSD, HLPUSD, and City of Hope to pass smoke-free housing ordinances in Duarte and La Puente includes a ban on the use of vaping devices indoors and on balconies.

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